Treatments and Services

Spinal Manipulation

For joint dysfunction with restriction of motion, spinal manipulation is very effective at restoring motion and function of the joint. During this procedure the doctor moves the joints between two vertebrae past an elastic barrier with a low force movement. The manipulation temporarily creates an increased range of motion which allows for an adequate supply of nutrients to the cartilage to promote further healing.

Spinal Decompression

A non-surgical treatment for many patients with displaced disc problems. This method involves manual or mechanical separation of specific vertebrae resulting in disc decompression. Decompression can cause separation of vertebral joints, freeing adhesions, relieving nerve root pressure and obtaining a circulatory effect. This helps ensure drainage of waste products and supply of nutrients.

Therapeutic Exercise

Decreased strength will decrease the stability of a joint, which may lead a joint to extend beyond its normal range and possible sprain or tear the supporting ligaments and cartilage. Strength training provides a natural brace for an arthritic joint. The greater the joint stability provided by stronger muscles, the more force and load you remove from bones and cartilage. This leads to pain reduction.

Therapeutic Stretches

Loss of flexibility in the muscle can increase the risk of muscle tear and increase the mechanical stresses across the joint. To ensure full range of motion the muscles surrounding a joint should have balance tension and strength.

Physiotherapy Modalities

Muscle stimulation uses electrical pulses that are transmitted to specific areas of the body through electrodes placed on the skin. This type of therapy can reduce swelling, pain and muscle spasm. Therapeutic ultrasound emits a high frequency sound wave that promotes deep heating of the soft tissue which promotes circulation and can reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spasm.


The aim of this therapy is to increase blood circulation, decrease muscle tension and promote healing. The clinic offers a wide range of massage styles from Swedish Massage (a more relaxing therapy that involves long gliding strokes) to Deep Muscle Massage (compression, trigger point therapy, cross-friction and stretching).

Health & Wellness Counseling

Good health is much more than the absence of disease or pain. Health & Wellness care consists of assessing your risk for injury and disease, and then modifying your risk for injury or disease. Diet assessments, strength testing, flexibility testing, cardiovascular and respiratory testing, and lifestyle choices are evaluated to determine your current level of health and your future goals. We provide continuing prevention and health promotion interventions, accomplished through properly prescribed exercise, diet and education specifically designed to fit your needs.

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